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Words, Words, and More Words!


The past couple of days, all my words have gone into my NaNoWriMo work. It’s new working title is Sun and Moon Collide–again! I had to fight with my female main character (FMC) to get her name. Once I had it, I knew just how she looked which is very much like Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers. Her love interest will end up being what I though would be a secondary character at best. I even have his first name, just waiting on him to give up his surname.

I still need to flesh out several of my secondary characters and my Male Main Character (MMC) quite a bit. My FMC is still a work in progress but I know a lot more about her now. I just hope she takes it easier on my fingers in the next scene I need to write. She pushed over 1,500 words out of me in 45 minutes for the last one!

Word sprints are the bomb. Because they prime my competitive nature, I’ve turned out over 4K words today. Total writing time today was about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Not bad considering my first day I got 1597 out total.

It’s not about the word count so much, but it’s a nice way to gauge your progress as you write. Especially since I have no outline and a very bare bones idea of where this is going. I still need to figure out what the big conflict is in the story. Right now my FMC is about to deal with finding out she isn’t what she thinks she is. Then her struggle to deal with her new world will be her internal struggle for most of the book. Just need the external for her and her lover man to fight together.

The funny thing is I think this will be the first book of a trilogy. Me, who has never written this many words for a fictional story, is thinking I have three books worth in me. Well, it’s more like my FMC is telling me she has that much for me to write. It’s kind of like I’ve gone crazy. My brain now has two personalities. Mine and hers. So far, she isn’t too pushy, so I am okay with that.

I’ve also got an awesome support group on Facebook. It’s kind of hard to keep up with the conversation at times, but everyone is so awesomely supportive of each other… Yeah it’s kick ass. It’s an open group, so if you want to join go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/211017295734031/ and join us. You can also read the wall first to make sure we aren’t too crazy for ya LOL

So, how is your work in progress going? Mine is well over goal for the week and I have tomorrow left to add some more. Hopefully my FMC will keep on spilling her story for me.

Hope your words are flowing freely and that you are enjoying NaNoWriMo. If you’re not with us yet, it’s still not too late! Check out the site, and the support group and join in. I’ve had two join because I talked them into it today.. now it’s your turn!



5 thoughts on “Words, Words, and More Words!

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  2. I’m with you on the FMC. I’m getting to know mine and learned more about her after giving her a full chapter yesterday. My MMC comes from another book so I know him much better, although he developed a real attitude in this book. Being the second in a series, it also helps with the secondary characters, setting, etc., but there will be some new ones I can’t wait to get to know. Don’t you love this job? 🙂 I don’t outline, but I do try to get important points down in what I call “my way” of outlining which isn’t close to a real outline. Good luck. You’re on a roll.

    • Hi, Mary!
      I’m so glad my FMC isn’t the only one being slow to reveal her self! It’s a real pain, especially when you get almost 2k words in before they give you a hint as to what their name is! It’s funny how our characters take on their own life and go whatever way they choose. I’ve started feeling like I am going a bit insane with my FMC muttering at me all the time, especially when I am not writing about her. This story is completely from her POV, so she holds the keys. I guess I better hope I don’t piss her off! LOL

      It’s a hobby for me right now, but I am loving it. Hoping to get enough gems in this one to make the editing easy. Then maybe I will be able to release it sometime mid-2014. Outlining just didn’t happen this time around, as my FMC didn’t speak up until I was sitting down to write. Maybe next books she will give me a few clues before hand..I can hope anyway.

      Good luck to you as well. You can find me on the Facebook group I linked most of the day unless I am running errands or paying attention to getting a job that pays LOL Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. I always have my hero/heroine names before I start. Sometimes before I even know the story. Only once did I change a heroes name. With the name comes their description so I’m luck that way. Secondary characters are sometimes called “blank” until I get their name. I’m in too many FB groups now! I write in hero and heroine POV’s. One day I’d like to try using only one, probably the heroine, but I have a blast being in the heroes head. Oh, boy the things I see.

    • You are blessed, Mary. I have a lot of characters who are just comical names right now, like Mr Snarly Pants. Of course the FMC hasn’t been formally introduced to them just yet, so it does make sense.

      I also have a lot of elephants in my story. Stuff I don’t have the details tied down on, so I put something easy to search out in there and will get the small details either when I edit or along the way.

      There’s plenty of ways to get in touch with me if you ever want to talk shop or just shoot the breeze. I love FB but it hops for me at times. Last night was wild trying to catch back up on the converstations I cared about after spending 45 minutes in a writing sprint LOL

      I imagine you see some very interesting things. Maybe that would be a book in itself. The thing my MMC shows me that I can’t put in my books LOL

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