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It’s NaNo-eve! Oh. Em. Gee!!!! I don’t know if its nerves or excitement got me feeling all creepy. Or maybe it’s just a Halloween vibe LOL

Are you all ready? I will put on a pot of coffee soon so I can get in a sprint right at midnight. I want to get as far ahead as I can, so when I have blah days they don’t hurt my word count so much!

Of course, I have zero idea what I am writing. I am thinking it will involve a couple MCs and some supporting characters. Maybe a setting or two…ahahahha.

Oh..I also entered an informal writing competition on Watt Pad. It started today, and I’ve already got that story in. It’s not up yet, but I’ve sent it to the sponsor…event host..eh, the big kahuna. There is one entry up now you can read and mine should be up soon! This is just round one of ten, so I am looking forward to using these to get my creative machine going when I have one to do. I’d love some feed back when my stories go up. Just be honest, and it will help me tons!

Also, if you missed the pep talks from HQ, then you should give them a read. Here’s the one from James Patterson (Yes, that James Patterson!) and one from Rainbow Rowell. Patterson’s is my favorite of the two, though both are good.

I’m also in a web and voice chat at http://tinychat.com/wrimo. I’m not talking, since my living room is very noisy right now, but I may be later. Depends on when the rest of the family goes to bed or cuts the TV off. Come on in, have some company for the start of Nano!

Other than that, I’m just chillin like a villan until midnight hits. See you in November!



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