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Two Days of Freedom Left


So, my fellow WriMo’ers, how goes the story prep. Mine is nonexistent! I guess I will fly by the seat of my pants this year. I have even been going back and forth on genre and if there is a moral or just a fun story. Yup, total pantser this time around.

I have found some great shares on the web. All kinds of sheets, and planners and all that good stuff. One of the sites I liked a lot was No. 2 Pen. It’s got tons of writing advice. If you want some where to record bits of information as you go along, check out this page of Writing Freebies. I am looking forward to getting the blog post ideas via email!

My story on Watt Pad isn’t gaining a lot of traction yet. Of course, I am not on there a lot with all the other social media I use. If you want to read it, go here. While your there, Hit the star to vote for it or add a comment to let me know what you think. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

I also have a ton of books to read during this time. I just got Stephen King’s On Writing in at my library. I think I will drop by to pick it up tomorrow. I also have books to read and review as a tour host for several virtual book tours. This should make writing 50k words an even more interesting experience!

We did get some good news yesterday. My fiancée will be starting work this weekend. It’s a Sunday to Thursday job. Hopefully I won’t end up with a job where I have to work every single weekend! But if I do, we will just roll with it 🙂

So..How about you guys? Are you ready for NaNo? Any good news to share? Tell me all about your NaNo preparations in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Two Days of Freedom Left

  1. No! Don’t remind me that November is so close! I’m always a pantser, so I never do much prepping, but I do know that I’ll be working on Beyond the Divide, the sequel to Fractured Legacy (however, I’m still not ready for it to be November). I look forward to hearing about your progress next month.
    If you want some traction on Wattpad, I recommend checking out the Clubs. 😉
    And, On Writing is great! I loved reading it.

    • Hey, Skye!

      Sequel…I’d squeal like a girl but I’m just not that kind of feminine! LOl So glad you are going to get started on that. I am eagerly waiting on it’s release…so maybe by fall next year? I can hope anyway LOL
      I’m not ready for NaNo Either! It’s my first one, so it’s scary in the I have no idea what to expect kinda way..but I am excited as well. I want to try fiction. I will publish a fiction book in my lifetime LOL
      Thanks for the suggestion! I will check those out soon. I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I am going to write in…for NaNo and how to read all these books I’ve committed to reviewing. I am seriously crazy! I’d committed to the books before I decided to do NaNo..should be an interesting experience.
      I AM looking forward to reading On Writing. Who better to learn from than a master story teller 🙂
      I’ll definitely be looking forward to your updates as we both progress soon…Take care.

      • I’m actually shooting for the end of February. FL took me about 4 months, and I think this one will be a little easier since I already know the layout and characters.
        We’ll see what happens!
        My rule #1 for writing is to write what I want to read, so let your passions lead you to the story. Good luck with balancing everything in November–reading and doing reviews will give you a much needed break from the writing crunch though. 😀

        • February!! Whooohooo. I can hardly wait.

          I’m going to need luck with getting things done without driving myself and everyone else crazy! Lol it will be a nice break from writing though. We will see if I can write as good as I day dream lol though if I’m not careful it will end up on the x-rated side!


    • Hi, Sara!
      It was a boon to find your site. Thanks for stopping by, all encouragement is needed! Thank you for all the awesome resources you offer. They will be a huge help to new authors, and even some seasoned veterans of the business.

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