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Nothing Done..Except taking care of my real life

Hello, again, friend.

LOTRWriMoWell, today was a crazy day. I didn’t sleep too much last night…I am a worrier by nature. I ended up driving to the hospital, which is about 30 to 45 minutes away, on about 3 hours sleep. Boy was that fun!

Then we brought mom home to get some things she needed since TMack is going to be there at least tonight. Once she left to go back to the hospital, I slept like crazy. Til like 6 PM kind of crazy!

Once I woke up, I got started putting my posts together for my other blog. Over there I post about books that are recently or soon to be released. Thankfully it’s mostly copy and paste, then put in the pictures they sent. Pretty awesome way to blog.

Between putting the rest of my blogs together for the week and watching my favorite show I got Bupkis done on my novel. Not even transferring the names from my phone to my notebook.

And tomorrow looks to be another crazy day. Have to go get some of TMack’s information to take to the hospital to help them figure out what is going on with him so it can hopefully get cured. Also have to pick up our mail, go to the hospital, and who knows what all else. Fun times!

Looks like my NaNo Book is going to be on the shelf again tomorrow. 😦 I am hoping to get at least one or two things done despite the craziness of the day.

So, friend, have you gotten anything done for your NaNoWriMo Adventure? Tell me how far along you are in the comments. Give me something to try to catch up to! LOL Or just commiserate with me on all the things that are stopping us from doing this thing exactly the way we wish!

Have a great Wednesday.

PS Thanks to everyone who’s been sharing my writing here. I appreciate that so much!


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