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Brainstorming again #NaNoWriMo

WriMoTypeWriterSo I disappeared for two days…well technically three as I am writing this after midnight on Tuesday. I told you I’d be blogging here on weekdays.

Today has been wacky (I’m still on Monday) . Then one of the people I share an abode with ended up in the Emergency Room then being admitted for at least the night. (So I have an early morning probably in about 5 hours…6 if I am super lucky). He (from here on out called TMack) should be fine if it is only pneumonia. I will see soon.

I suppose you could be wondering why I am not blogging on the weekends. Well, I work from 7 AM on Saturday morning until 7 AM on Monday morning. Yup…48 hours straight. I do get to sleep twice in that time. I am a private caregiver for an older lady. She’s lucky enough to be mostly able to care for herself which makes my job easier than it should be. I love my job, but let’s get back to the main topic!

I actually got a good deal done on planning for my blog considering I was at work.

I got about 20 new name possibilities. I figure I better plan a bunch of names since it will take more than two characters to drive a good novel.

I also colored my map in, so I can tell better at a glance who lives where and so forth. I need city names though…I’m kind of stuck there. Any suggestions? (Use the comments below or the form on my contact page)

I found a possible main plot and one maybe side plot. I kind of like them but they need tweaking or something.

I also outlined some of the systems in the world my story will be set in. I did the measurement of time mostly. I also have the system for measuring length planned out but the unit needs to be named.

I pinpointed my point of view as well. I think I am going to take a sort of god like being telling the story from their abilities to see and know and hear everything.

I think part of the back story of the world will include the master race all the others are descended from. The different races will have come about by something resembling evolution. Just because I am a bit of a science junkie, there will be a bit of science in there. Might be twisted a bit–or a good deal–but it will likely be recognizable

Yup.. I did all of that in a few hours on Saturday.

Today (Monday) I only got a few names that I need to transfer from my phone to my planning notebook. That’s part of my goals for tomorrow.

Over to you

How is your planning going? What parts did you do first? Characters? Plot? World building? Share your progress in planning so far–leave a comment and let’s talk about our shared adventure!


5 thoughts on “Brainstorming again #NaNoWriMo

  1. I’m endeavoring to write a new genre for me this NaNo – cowboy romance. As it is new to me I have actually planned the story line, which is a first! My last three NaNo’s have been free flow writing.
    Good luck to you – hook up – MandyB, Edmonton.

    • Hi, Mandy!

      Cowboy Romances are fun to read! I sure hope they are as much fun to write. I, too, am planning out the story line and doing some world building since I am doing fantasy. Hope the planning pays off for us both!

      Best of luck to you as well. I will look for you at the forum.


    • Hey, Laura!
      And thank YOU for the comment. I appreciate the luck, and I bet I am going to need it! Hope you hit your goals for NaNo! Take care.

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